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Muzot, High School of the Arts, established in September 2005  in Old Jaffa, Tel-Aviv. The school provides a unique learning environment for youth at risk. Through its arts-focused curriculum, Muzot offers students who have had struggles adjusting to other schools the chance to develop their individual abilities and gain the confidence they need to flourish. Our purpose is to give our pupils the opportunity to discover, develop, and strengthen the creativity inherent in them and to instill the ability to channel their difficulties into creation. By exposing these students to the arts, we allow them to shape not only their own personal voices, but also to become engaged members of their communities. We aim to endow each student with the skills to develop academically and emotionally so that they become independent adults. Muzot’s safe and supportive environment ensures that each student is ready for not only for the matriculation exams, but for a successful future beyond the classroom.

We are proud to inform you of our achievements which were gained with hard work of both the children and the staff.


63% of the students matriculate

85% join the army service or national service.

50% study in higher education -college or university

75% of the students successfuly Passed the matriculation exams in art 


Muzot - High School of the Arts

Muzot Achivments



Muzot maintains its organization with three different yet co-dependent groups of volunteers: Circle of the Muzot, which provides leadership, Muzot’s Circle of Friends, which provides support and aid, and a third circle which consists of about 40 volunteers who initiate projects.


Muzot's Circle of Friends includes

Dafna Arnon | Nataly Barinboim Tiomkin | Vered Fisher | Etty Kenny | Naomi Kolitz | Riki Levi | Ora Naftali | Rivka Saker | Netta Segal | Irit Sommer | Michal Keinan Sinai | Dalia Shiama | Shiri Rafaeli 


Muzot Founding Partners

Ministry of Education and Culture | Ministry of Social Affairs | Tel Aviv- Yafo municipality


Muzot`s Support Foundations and Companies

Eastronics | Bank Hapoalim | Barinboim Holdings | Saker Rivka & Ozi Tzuker | Holerman Investments | Mey Eden | Aviad Foundation | leket Israel | The St. Louis Federation | The Steinheart Foundation | The Gertzman Foundation | Arkin foundation | Steinmetz Foundation | Buchman-Heiman Foundation | hurt tziltzer foundation | kasirer Foundation | russell foundation | Tel Aviv municipality support

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About us

Led by principals Vered Nitzani and Lital Wasserman, Muzot guides its youth in achieving their educational and personal goals through an alternative approach to classroom studies: A coed school for students in grades 10 through graduation. A regular school day at Muzot begins at 9:00 and ends at 18:00. During school hours, students study together in a classrooms, as well as on an individually.

The curriculum includes an extensive arts program incorporating five-point Bagrut, with courses in fine arts, music, cinema and theatre. As part of Muzot's responsibility to its students’ needs and well-being, we provide a nutritious breakfast and a warm lunch daily, so that our students are always ready to learn.

At the heart of the Muzot mission is the desire to create well-rounded individuals, which is why we provide specialized therapy for our students and guidance for their parents. Muzot offers students various resources allowing them to receive support for their emotional and physical needs. Furthermore, students are given the chance to participate in facilitated group meetings and are given job and volunteer opportunities in their local community.

Muzot does not end its support at the end of senior year. Our students are assisted by a special support program  for after they finish high-school. This program is intended to help and advise our graduates in coping with the different aspects of adult life and responsibilities, such as enlisting to the army, finding a job, deciding to go on studying and so on, for at least three years.


Vered Nitzani-Cojocary

Founder and principal

Lital Wasserman

Founder and principal

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